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Tiny House Digital is a Toronto-based marketing agency specializing in the architecture and interior design industry.

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"Scott was wonderful to work with, was always available to answer all my questions, he was honest and straightforward from the start. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for SEO work."

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17 People Booked in Last 24H

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Your Path to More Qualified Design Leads

It all starts with a call.

Our discovery calls are all about you and your business. We learn about your past design projects, current pain points, favourite clients to work with, and your vision for the future—whether that’s breaking into a new vertical like restaurant or retail design, increasing revenue to a specific figure, or taking on a certain amount of new projects each year.

By understanding where you are now and where you want to be, we can better map out the steps to get you there and set realistic expectations backed by real data.

Our Services


Dominate local search and increase your firm’s visibility organically through strategic content.

Web Design

Showcase portfolios and services to prospective clients with intuitive UX/UI.


Increase conversions and lead flow with user journey refinement and A/B testing.


Optimize ad spend with ROI-driven campaigns and targeted paid search advertising.

17 People Booked in Last 24H

Our Process


Together, we'll create your ideal customer profiles (ICPs), evaluate your current marketing performance, and outline the steps needed to achieve your desired future state.


Next, we'll identify competitors, topics, and target verticals to generate leads. By reverse-engineering top performers, we'll create a content plan to help you capture market share.


Finally, we'll put your content strategy into action and monitor its ongoing performance. We'll continually refine and iterate our approach, focusing on generating qualified leads and help you become an industry leader.

17 People Booked in Last 24H

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SEO Services

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Innovative Awards

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Get a $2,500 Grant Towards Our Services

We are proud to partner with Digital Main Street as an official vendor. If you are a Canadian firm, you may be eligible for a $2,500 grant for digital marketing services, which can be used for CRO, web design, SEO, and PPC.

17 People Booked in Last 24H

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Frequently Asked Questions

We usually begin seeing results within the first two quarters of an SEO campaign. Although SEO might take longer to show results compared to PPC advertising, it’s a worthwhile investment with long-term benefits. The digital assets you create today can generate new business for years.

We’ll provide you with a custom dashboard to regularly monitor the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns. These reports will typically track metrics and conversions such as organic clicks, lead form submissions, keyword rankings, and revenue.


We take pride in our communication and transparency, ensuring you know exactly what we’re doing to help your business grow. You’ll see concrete proof in your website analytics and other key performance indicators.

Many SEO agencies assume that what works for one industry will work just as well for another, but that’s often not the case. A one-size-fits-all approach can result in customers not getting the best value for their money.


By specializing in the architecture and interior design industries, our in-house SEO professionals truly understand your pain points, know what your audience is looking for, and can effectively reach them with the content on your website.

Website traffic is useless if visitors aren’t interested in your services.


We carry out extensive keyword research and careful copywriting to ensure your website attracts your ideal clients. This results in targeted, qualified leads discovering your brand and being encouraged to get in touch and start a conversation.

About Us

Tiny House, Big Results

We started in-house, helping scale a lawn care and snow removal company from zero organic traffic to a seven-figure exit when they sold their company. Now, our agency helps architects and interior designers grow their revenue.

Our focus remains the same: delivering results.


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17 People Booked in Last 24H